Exercise is better for health.

Exercise activities such as walking, sporting events and games, which may be grouped into sports, are important to maintaining health for all ages, both men and women. Regular sports play is especially useful for those who are normally involved in non-moving occupations, such as office assistants, executives, accountants and other lawyers. The benefits of playing sports regularly.

For the best results, the amount and type of sports done will depend on the age and even individual health. When the right amount and type of sport is performed, every part of the body works at its best. By performing sports for a period of time, the muscles become firm in the strongest tone and performs at maximum efficiency. Fatigue and pain that accompanies violence and are postponed during sport.

The role of heart is to pump blood around the body to work more effectively. For example, when a person is resting, the heart pumps five liters of blood every minute. During sports, it can be continued because every organ of the body needs oxygen. Many parts of the body may go without having adequate reserve of blood and oxygen well nourished during sport due to increased pumping. Blood The lungs also work more efficiently during sport. As you already know, the lungs are involved in capturing oxygen in the correct atmosphere, according to different parts of the body in the metabolism. During lung sports, more oxygen is delivered in the blood and facilitates the elimination of waste gas from the body.